I am a designer, maker, software developer, composer, and jazz pianist. My designs are inspired by the patterns of the natural world, mathematics, the visual arts, the properties of natural and synthetic materials, and the capabilities of lasers and other tools and technologies. Most designs start with rough sketches, followed by refinement using computer drawing tools, and in some cases, custom software that I develop to generate variations on the design. I turn the designs into products using a laser cutter/engraver and other tools.

I’ve been interested in lasers for many years, and when TechShop SF opened, I joined and started experimenting with the laser engravers there. Soon after, I purchased on older laser engraver (1997 New Hermes Optima Vanguard) and had the laser recharged. I set up shop in an old water tower, where I cut and engrave, finish, and assemble products.

I derive great pleasure from the art and artifacts created by others, and I hope that my creations bring joy to those who they touch.